Units Converter

Just enter the amount and units as text.

The units are case sensitive as defined by international standards. See "Examples" below for details.
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You have: 73.4 lb
You want: kg
Result: 73.4 lb = 33.29368 kg

You have: 33 gal
You want: m^3
Result: 33 gal = 0.12491859 m^3

You have: tempC(24)
You want: tempF
Result: 75.2 F

Temperature conversions are a bit different than other units since they are non linear scales.

Common Errors

You have: 33 LB
You want: kg
Result: Unknown unit 'LB'

LB is not a recognized unit, you probably meant pounds which is "lb" lowercase.

You have: 405 ft^2
You want: mph
Result: Conformability error

You can't convert square feet (area) into miles per hour (speed)!

Who is this website for?

This website is designed for engineers, scientists, cooks, machinists, teachers and students. Anybody who needs to convert units. Some will use this site to make conversions for data entry in scientific software like FEA structural codes, computational fluid dynamics, CAD, or MatLab. Others will need to simply make conversions for baking or home improvement. Still others may be students or teachers. I hope you find this site useful whatever your use!